Mental health is now more important than ever

The human mind is weighed down by stressors on a daily basis. When compounded, these stressors have a tendency to affect our mental and physical wellbeing. In tandem with your expert licensed therapist, explore and develop emotional tools to improve your mental agility, self-awareness, life trajectory, mood, and health.

Our mission

We provide convenient and accessible solutions for all Canadians looking for professional and licensed mental health support. When you need talk therapy, medical advice, and personalized solutions, we’re there for you.

It’s unrealistic to think that we are always equipped to deal with life’s adversity. We’re only human after all. Whether it’s the hardships of losing control over self, navigating the tumultuous nature of the pandemic, or dealing with bereavement, addiction, or separation, talking it out is the first step to overcoming hardship.

Therapy helps us understand our thoughts, explore the root cause of our emotions, and helps in breaking the cycle of negative behaviors that are detrimental to our wellbeing.

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Dynamic mental health support, 24/7

Mind by Maple’s registered and licensed therapists help tailor personalized treatment plans for your unique journey. Supporting Canadians across all provinces, Maple has over 170,000 5-star reviews and is a trusted telemedicine provider now extending help in the mental health space.